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Shellac or Gelicure Gel Polish?

Gel polishes such as Shellac, Gelicure, Gelish etc. are becoming very popular in Calgary.  These products are a great alternative to a traditional manicure as they stay on the nails for up to 3 weeks.  Many ladies are choosing Shellac for special occasions and want to be able to remove them safely at home afterwards.  We thought we would share some directions on removal with you, so you can safely remove your Shellac at home if you choose to.

How do I Remove Shellac/Gelicure by myself? It is preferred that you have your Shellac/Gelicure nails removed professionally, but rather than have you pick your Shellac/Gelicure off your nails and cause damage, we thought we would share the proper removal instructions with you to save your natural nails from any trauma that can be caused by picking or removing gel polishes incorrectly. What you will need: • Acetone • Cotton balls • Aluminum foil cut into squares that will fit well over each nail

Directions on how to remove a gel polish: • Soak a cotton ball in acetone and place it on the nail and tightly wrap each nail with aluminum foil • Wait for 15 minutes and remove each foil from the fingers • There may be some product remaining on the nails which can be removed easily with a wooden manicure stick or lightly buffed with a nail file.

Learning the proper way to remove Shellac or Gelicure Gel Polish will help you from accidentally damaging your nails, so you can have beautiful natural nails for your next appointment at Gelous Spa.

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