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Bio Sculpture Nail Trends

Step out of the box this Fall and get away the typical French nail look that has become so popular in Calgary.  Stand out from the crowd with a Bio Sculpture colour gel this Fall and Winter!  Pick from enigmatic darks, metallics, neutrals and plush purples.  This year sexy colours will lift the mood of Fall and Winter.  Which shade will you pick?

Top 4 New Bio Sculpture Nail Trending Colours: Purples: Our purple shade Bio Sculpture colours are sure to leave you feeling bright this season.

Neutrals: Not bold enough to go with another colour just yet?  Stay safe, but still fashionable with our gorgeous selections of creams and browns this season.

Metallics: Stay cherished this season with our glammer puss selection of precious metal shades.

Dark Colours: Be mysterious with our wide range of bold shades for that darker side of you.

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