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Coverage of Massage Therapy with Health Insurance Plans

Many Canadians are unaware that their health insurance may cover massage treatment through their employer for themselves and their children!. Almost all insurance policies have maximum coverage for a specific time (typically a year). Unless you change your insurance plan, you might have to pay out of pocket if you go over this maximum within the year. You are essentially letting your coverage expire if you have a plan but have not yet used all of your massage benefits.

Health insurance benefits for the massage therapy are quite well-liked and frequently utilized by many people. Not unexpected, given how wonderful and calming a massage feels! However, is massage therapy actually covered by health insurance? And how much coverage is actually offered by a normal health insurance plan for Registered Massage Therapists? Keep reading to learn more about these questions and their benefits in order to make the best decision you can.

What Exactly Is Massage Therapy?

The act of massaging a person with the intention of promoting their wellness and healing is known as massage therapy. When discussing massage therapy and insurance coverage, we are always referring to massages given by Registered Massage Therapists (i.e., a person who has studied and received accreditation for therapeutic massage). Paramedical coverage, which covers benefits of care from chiropractors, psychologists, and physiotherapists, includes massage therapy as one of its categories (to name just a few).

Massage Therapy Insurance Benefits for Employee Employee benefits and individual health insurance plans are the two primary forms of private health insurance in Canada. Employee perks are also known as "group insurance," and your employer is the source of your coverage. Your benefits coverage is also lost if you lose your employment. One of the coverages that fall under what is known as "paramedical" benefits is massage therapy. As previously indicated, paramedical care includes services from chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, naturopaths, and speech therapists.

The following goes on to list the massage therapists' employee benefits:

  • A medically trained benefit that is covered.

  • Typically, there is no "per visit" cap (unlike a personal health insurance plan).

  • Each type of paramedical coverage's yearly plan maximum serves as a cap on coverage (e.g., one maximum per coverage type).

  • Many group insurance policies require a physician referral.

  • Maximum annual coverage amounts might range from $350 to $750.

  • Employee benefit maximums are typically higher than individual health plan maximums.

Employers in Canada would probably not be dealing with the escalating expenditures of sick employees if they provided more health benefits for massage therapy instead of providing more coverage for pharmaceutical drugs.. In the United States, Massage Therapy is often only covered when medically essential. Massage Therapy is deemed preventative health care by many as it can help reduce stress from work. amongst other benefits.

Massage differs from other non-medical advantages. Even when there is no underlying medical condition, many get massages because they find them to be soothing and e