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Thinning Hair?

If your thinning hair is making you feel sad or depressed and you feel there is no hope; there is!

At our home-based spa in Calgary, your visit will be discreet and you won’t bump into other guests or have to deal with busy reception areas. You will feel comfortable and safe in our hands.

We recommend you text us a picture of your scalp so we can let you know if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. We will refuse treatment if we know it won’t work for our clients and we are completely honest and transparent about this. Our Calgary clients are important to us and we are in a central location in Altadore, Marda Loop with easy access.

You will visit us weekly for 6 weeks and there will be home care instructions for you to follow, which is imperative to your hair regrowth success. There must also be an element of patience in this process as you aren’t likely to see the end results for a number of months following. However, once your treatment is complete, there is no need to use any topical solutions on your hair again, so the long term investment is well worth it!

Topical products such as Rogain and other brands contain toxic ingredients which may produce serious adverse effects.

If you are looking for an organic option for thinning hair you found the perfect place as we only use safe, organic products in our treatments at our Calgary spa, so all you need to worry about is getting yourself booked in. Let us take care of the rest (and your hair!).

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