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Sanitization – Home vs. Commercial Spas

The health of our clients is important to the staff at Gelous Spa. We pride ourselves on providing our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will not be exposed to infectious diseases, bacteria, fungi, or other contagions that can easily be avoided by following the appropriate steps of safe sanitation for Gel Nail Salons and Massage Studio’s.

Some spa’s, Salon’s and Massage Studio’s in Calgary are operated by untrained staff who are not certified in areas such as sterilization and sanitation procedures.

At this time, Canada does not regulate the Nail, Salon or Massage Studio’s, which means poor work practices often go unnoticed during a standard inspection and these salons continue operating. You can feel safe knowing that the staff at Gelous Spa is fully certified and have taken the appropriate training to ensure you have the best looking Gel Nails, Pedicures, Manicures, Waxing, Threading and other spa treatments without sacrificing your health and safety.

Some might think that having a spa or any Calgary home business in their place of residence, that maybe it wouldn’t be as sanitary as other commercial environments. If someone asked you what was cleaner, your home or your office at work, what one would be more sanitary? Or, if you had the choice to go to a friends house for dinner, vs. eating out, how much bacteria or other contagions might you be exposed to in a more public environment? It’s something to be aware of when looking into getting your nails done or having a relaxing massage!

Many Spa’s or Gel Nail business in Calgary, may actually hire cleaning staff instead of doing it themselves, but what steps have they made to ensure that they’re taking the appropriate steps to keep their environment as clean and sanitary as possible?

Really, when was the last time you used a tissue to open the door at a residential home? It’s something worth thinking about next time you book online for your next spa appointment!

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