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RMT SE Calgary, 2200 hours


Over the last few years there have been a few changes with insurance regarding coverage of massage therapy which has been very confusing for clients looking for direct billing and claiming back receipts for massage therapy.  What many massage clinics/spas do not tell you is that you should be seeking out a therapist with 2200 hours (or equivalent), otherwise your massage therapy treatment may not be reimbursed through your insurer.  We advise asking this question before booking an appointment anywhere in Calgary for massage therapy if you are looking to be reimbursed from your insurance provider for your massage.

Because massage therapy is not regulated in Alberta, any massage therapist in Calgary can call themselves a Registered Massage Therapist (or RMT),  Over the years, education for massage therapy has increased from as little as 100 hours to 2200 hours (2200 hours is the minimum in the regulated provinces in Canada).  Although many of these therapists are covered through insurance, many are not so it is important for the client to do their research before booking an appointment.

Luckily, the massage therapists at Gelous Spa in SE Calgary are graduates of the 2200 hour diploma in massage therapy so our clients don’t need to worry about being reimbursed for massage therapy.

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