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Prenatal Massage SE Calgary

Prenatal massage in SE Calgary is a very popular service that pregnant ladies in Calgary are seeking out because pregnancy massage can be very beneficial for mother and baby. Women can begin massage therapy at any time during the first, second or third trimester of their pregnancy.

Studies show that massage during pregnancy can not only improve labour, it also has positive benefits such as:

• Relieving joint pain and muscle aches

• Decreasing anxiety and stress and even reducing symptoms of depression

• Improving circulation

• Improving sleep

• Assisting with fetal development by bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the growing baby by removing stagnant fluids

• Encourages a healthy labour by increasing hip mobility, reducing swelling

• Providing hormonal balance by increasing endorphins and serotonin levels

We offer comfortable pregnancy pillows and bolstering which allows our pregnant client to comfortably lay on her stomach during the massage, easing the pressure on her back and giving her a chance to really enjoy her treatment.  Our main priority is the comfort and safety of our clients so we will always complete a full intake before each treatment to ensure that proceeding with massage is safe.

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