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Pregnancy Massage

Did you know that pregnancy massage is a certification that Massage Therapists can take after they complete massage school? Please keep in mind that while any massage therapist can work on pregnant women, it's best to visit a specialist with advanced training in materal massage. This way, you can feel safe in the hands of someone who knows how to relieve any pain and pressure related to your changing body..

Pregnancy Massage has so many benefits for both mom and baby. Some benefits include:

  • Reduced back pain.

  • Reduced joint pain.

  • Improved circulation.

  • Reduced edema.

  • Reduced muscle tension and headaches.

  • Reduced stress and anxiety.

  • Improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles.

  • Better sleep.

Recruit your partner to partake in an at-home pregnancy massage! Use these tips:

  • Gentle foot rub. Grab a favourite lotion and ask your partner to give you a gentle foot rub.

  • Back rub. Sitting up or lying on your side, have your partner use both hands to stroke up and down the back, using lotion to help his hands glide. He should focus on the muscles on either side of the spine and can transition to kneading the muscles with his thumbs or base of the hand, moving up and down.

  • Shoulder rub. With the base of the hand or the pads of the fingertips, apply gentle pressure on one side of the neck and glide between the top of the shoulder and base of the skull. Repeat on the opposite side.

  • Scalp massage. Moving from the base of the skull to the hairline, use both hands and spread fingers to apply gentle pressure to the scalp, circling hands together or apart. Add gentle stroking of the face, which can be amazingly relaxing.

Our pregnancy / prenatal massages are performed on a special pregnancy pillow and our table can tilt for maxiumum comfort. When the time comes, mom to be can be moved to a side lying position on a different pillow if needed, but many ladies can go full term on the pregancy pillow we use. Includes complimentary hot stones taster and hot towels because mom-to-be also deserves pampering. Our massages are affordable and amazing! Check out our reviews and take advantage of our easy online booking.

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