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Opening a Massage or Spa Business

Why Do We have Doubts When Opening Our Own Massage or Spa?

Doubt is a natural part of the human experience. In our efforts to start or grow a successful Spa or Massage business, we always feel there may be something missing or we are going about it the wrong way. We find ourselves worrying about what-ifs and find ourselves confused how to make it happen or if we are making the right choices. Most Massage or Spa business owners have felt the pain that uncertainty causes in building a business you can be proud of. It’s that uncertainty that can make or break you and your future business.

Your business may not exist yet and your treatment and service list may not even be created yet and you have no idea where to even start to get going. Google has become your best friend, but you are still feeling confused and tired. You’re treading into uncharted territory – all of these things are scary enough without a doubt entering your life and bringing fears with them. It’s okay to feel scared; it doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for running your own Spa or Massage business or that there aren’t people who can help you along in your journey. Self-doubt and imposter syndrome is extremely normal.

Why is it normal though? Well, many others have the same doubts about growing their business that you do. They may have wondered if they are truly knowledgeable enough, if they have what it takes, and if they are skilled enough at what they do to open their own Spa or Massage Business. They may question their abilities and motivation. It is extremely isolating to believe that we are alone in the experience of doubt, to believe that you are truly the only one who is a little unsure of yourself.

I want you to know there is hope for overcoming those doubts. There are several steps you can take to crush your doubts and build the successful Spa or Massage business you’ve been dreaming about. It’s so essential to maintain a positive mindset and a “Can do” attitude to accomplish things to your full potential. Take a moment to realize that you are not alone in your doubts about your business growth, it is complete self-sabotage to think you are alone in this.

Put aside the opinions of others and don’t allow yourself to listen to any negativity, this only feeds into doubt. Follow your gut in making business-related decisions, your intuition doesn’t lie so don’t go doubting what it tells you from the get-go.

Set SMART goals for yourself. (If you don’t know what a SMART goal is... It stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.) It is far too easy to allow the doubt to creep in on you when you don’t have goals in mind that you are shooting for.

When you achieve a goal, celebrate that win, no matter how big or small. Relish in the memories of your past successes too, don’t forget what you have already accomplished. Be sure to be selective and surround yourself with the right people in your business endeavors, this helps with the doubt because the right people will encourage you to be successful.

It is a challenge to kill those doubts but when you do you’ll find yourself accomplishing more than you had dreamed or imagined. I promise you got this! I’m rooting for you in every step of starting out in your journey and I am here to help you if you need help starting or building your Massage or Spa business. Our 8 week Massage Mentoring program covers everything you need to take away any doubt and confusion you may be experiencing and in a short time frame, you will have the skills and knowledge to start up or grow your existing business with ease and confidence because you will have our help every step of the way.

Are you a burnt out Massage Therapist and want help building your clientele or help starting up your own Massage biz? Click the link here for our special guide.


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