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NEW 120 Minute (2 hour) full body massages will make you melt

Have you ever felt that a one hour massage was just not enough for some of the stresses experienced in life? Have you even extended your massage another half an hour to a 90 minute massage but felt like you still never wanted it to end because it was so good?

As they say, great things come to those who wait and laying in bliss for two full hours will absolutely make you feel not only great, but outstanding!

Many of our Calgary Southeast massage clients always seem a bit sad when their massage treatment is over because they never want it to end as they could have their massage therapist just keep going and going forever!

That’s not the only reason why we’ve brought this 2 hour massage service to you though, it’s also because when your really under a lot of stress or pain, and need to get ALL of those pesky knots and muscles to relax, sometimes for an RMT massage therapist, the hour massage or 90 minute therapeutic massage simply is not enough time to get to all areas of the body. This two hour massage can ensure that all your sore muscles can have the attention they deserve and not have you feeling like you still need more treatment in certain areas.

Many people who have a two hour massage feel that they can even go longer without their next visit because we were able to get to all of their knots, stresses and pain released for an extended period of time. Really, if you’re in for a 90 minute (1.5 hour) massage, and we asked you if you wanted us to keep going, would you be reluctant to say no? Best of all, a 120 minute therapeutic massage is only $55.00 more than our 90 minute therapeutic massage.

Our two hour massages are only available as a therapeutic massage treatment as this massage is not intended to focus on a specific area of the body (for example, 2 hours on “just a back or just a leg massage”. These “targeted area” treatments are better booked as a 60 minute massage. This treatment is ideal for those looking for a full body focused massage that will target the release of knots and tension using a variety of techniques to relax the muscles, release toxins and leave you feeling incredible. Our RMT therapists will work with you and advise you on what the best treatment is for the full 120 minutes on your arrival.

If you really feel like you need some “ME” time, a 120 minute massage can be the best thing you’ve done for yourself in a while. Everyone wishes that they could get a way from their jobs, cell phone, kids, emails, housework, school and so on. Why not take a 2 hour vacation and just turn off from the world and take some time for yourself.

120 minute massages are very rare in Calgary, but you can ensure that we will have this service will be available at our SE Calgary spa in Auburn Bay for a long time to come. Just book it online and get yourself in.

Our two hour massages are also most likely the cheapest in Calgary, if you can even find therapists that are willing to extend their hours to accommodate this service. All of our prices include GST and this 120 minute treatment is as follows:

Therapeutic Massage: 120 Minutes  $170.00 inc. GST

 Therapeutic Couples Massage: 120 Minutes  $340.00 ($170.00 per person) inc. GST

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