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Insurance Fraud

If it’s too good to be true; it probably is.

At this time of year, we experience an influx of clients trying to use up their insurance benefits for the year. Many of them have a spouse who hasn’t used up their benefits and we are often asked to put the name of a spouse on the receipt in place of their own name. This is illegal and a lot of people don’t even know this.

A Massage Therapist may not only lose their license, but you could BOTH (yes YOU too) potentially be charged with insurance fraud.

We always make sure our massages are done legitimately so that even when a massage includes an integration with another service (such as a facial) the massage portion is clearly stated.

You may have seen places offering to cover 100% of a microneedling treatment through a health benefit plan, then putting it through insurance as a full service visit such as a Chiropractor visit or Naturopath visit. This is also considered insurance fraud. We are able to cover a portion of your microneedling treatment through massage benefits legally because we use massage before and after your treatment, but it is not 100% claimable as that would be illegal.

Insurance companies often call us to confirm past appointments, dates and amounts of claims and sometimes they will audit your entire history on file if they see something suspicious.

You don’t want to be responsible for paying back a lot of money to your insurance company or worse; being hit with insurance fraud. Please be careful how your insurance benefits are being used.

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