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Gelous Spa – Issue 40 – Fight Fall Off with a Dermaplaning Eminence Facial!

Dermaplaning Eminence Facial!

Fight back the fall weather with this great facial. Includes dermaplaning and an Eminence facial.

Why Dermaplaning?

This great treatment has gained popularity over the last few months because of the results it delivers. Don’t worry, you won’t grow back thicker hair or more facial hair. Instead, your products will penetrate deeper, you’ll use less products and your make up will go on flawless. The best thing is you’ll have no peach fuzz. Hooray! Our clients have found it to be a relaxing experience and pain free. You’ll also receive an Eminence Peel during your appointment. It offers zero downtime and amazing results in one facial treatment!

NEW SPACE & LOCATION! We recently moved to a new space. We are now located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Marda Loop/Altadore. Come check out our lovely & quiet new spa location, with easy access and a more comfortable experience. BOOK NOW to see this amazing and relaxing experience. Altadore is just a few minutes West of Chinook Centre, off Glenmore Trail. NEW SPACE? What about my Eminence Orders? Eminence skincare orders are going in October 8 at noon. We are going into our Fall season so your products made need ramping up a bit. Not sure what your skin needs? Just reach out and let us help you pick the right products for you personally!  Eminence orders will still be delivered to the all of South East and South West for FREE, so please feel free to continue ordering online (we plan to deliver on a Saturday or Sunday so please order before the weekend so we can get your products to you).  With the new location, will your services change? None of our services have changed. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the website, just text us at 403-617-2512 and we can assist you. We are usually quite prompt, unless we are with a client. 

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