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Gelous Spa – Issue 38 – Microneedling Packages

Microneedling Package Special!

$225 Per Session, based on a package of 3 sessions.  A package can be purchased in spa at your first appointment or purchased online. The package never expires, but we recommend at least 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart for best results.

With only a short downtime, this amazing treatment is used to treat and improve many skin conditions and is a natural treatment that helps rejuvenate the skin without surgery.  It works with your own body’s healing process as microneedles penetrate through the skin to stimulate a healing response.  It is a great alternative to botox, fillers and other cosmetic injectables if you are looking for a more natural and healthy alternative approach to skin concerns.  There is also an option to upgrade to our organic microneedling treatment if you choose! Why Microneedeling?

I started researching more about the long term impact of using botox and fillers and I didn’t like what I was reading, which is why I decided to bring Microneedling to Gelous Spa.  It’s a much safer option for those looking for healthier alternatives to anti aging, scar reduction, pore size reduction, fine lines and wrinkles and so much more.  I did a lot of research to make sure I was bringing in the very best machine for my clients.

I know some people often look for the cheapest options they can find, but you really do ‘get what you pay for’ with these type of treatments.  I priced my microneedling so it is still affordable for my clients, but they can still rest easy knowing that they will be receiving the best quality treatment.  Clients will be provided with a complimentary after care kit with instructions on how to take care of their skin following a microneedling treatment. Some spas in Calgary charge additionally for this, which we decided not to do because we wanted to make this treatment still as affordable as possible.

New Online Booking System a Huge Hit!

You may have noticed some changes to our online booking!  We changed to a different software that is local Canadian and clients who have already used it LOVE it!  The response from our clients has been 100% positive. Try it out HERE.


Extended hours for microneedling. FIND APPOINTMENTS

Featured Eminence Product:  Our Stonecrop Body Lotion is award winning!  This best selling product contains naturally healing stone crop, which reduces the appearance of unevenness to leave the skin looking years younger. This is a great after sun option and a must have for those long, sunny, Summer days!

Eminence Order Deadline: July 2, 2019 at Noon


Stay safe and have fun!

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