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Gelous Spa – Issue 37 – Father’s Day & New Booking System!

Father’s Day 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage Special

Only $125 for the month of June!

Treat dad to a deep tissue massage this Father’s Day.

He will be stretched, kneaded and rolled out as we break down muscle “knots” or adhesions that can reduce circulation and cause pain, limited range of motion, and inflammation.

Complimentary cupping, bamboo, hot stones taster, aromatherapy and hot towels are also included.

Use code: dad2019 when booking or search for treatment option under “Monthly Specials”.  You can also purchase a gift card for our monthly special through “Book Now” – Click on “Online Store” – Click on “Gift Cards” – Select “Service Gift Card” – Select “Add Service” – Select “June Special”

Our gift cards never expire so he can use it any time when he is ready!


You may have noticed some changes to our online booking!  We changed to a different software that is Canadian and clients who have already used it LOVE it!  Our online store also looks a little different, so give us a shout if you have any problems or need help navigating through.  As we recently upgraded our booking software, you will no longer receive notifications about our schedule as you did before. Don’t worry as we will still keep you updated with our openings each Monday so you can see our upcoming openings for that week. We also recommend you join us on Instagram as we always post our last minute cancellations there.  As always, if you need an evening or weekend we always recommend booking in advance as those slots are always snagged first.

To click multiple services please click on About and click Book Now.  There is no option to book multiple services through the services menu (just the way it is set up) – or click here:


Eminence News June 10, 2019

Our deadline date for ordering is June 10th. Is there anything you need stocking up on or need help with as we are going into the Summer season?

To talk or not to talk during a massage?

A lot of clients ask about talking during massages.  That’s always up to you!  If you want to talk during your massages; you won’t be ignored, but don’t ever feel that you have to provide entertainment by talking throughout.  It is YOUR time to take that time for YOU.  In our busy lives, we don’t often get much time to just centre ourselves and enjoy time alone.  If you haven’t tried it yet, our Mindful Mediation Massage is highly recommend if you are feeling particularly stressed out. Reiki is also included, which can help tremendously with stress reduction, disrupted sleep and more. Your massage is always personally catered to you, which is why we always encourage a quick chat beforehand so we can pin down what you want to focus on.

Pssst… Next issue, Microneedling!

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