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Gelous Spa – Issue 11 “Auburn Bay Christmas Market”

Auburn Bay Christmas Market Come say hi and stop by to see us on Saturday, November 19th at Auburn House for the Annual Christmas Market.  We will be offering some great incentives, discounts and offers you won’t want to miss as you won’t be seeing anything like this again this year!

Free Shellac with pedicure special! Click Here to view our new special for November 2016!

Did you know we are now open on Sundays?   To accommodate our clients we have extended our hours to some Sundays as we know you enjoy your weekend appointment times.  Take advantage as they are booking up quickly, so check our online schedule for availability.

Massage Health Benefits Last year we were fully booked until the end of the year by November, so if you have massage health benefits that you still want to use up please book in advance now as our schedule is now up until December.  Use them or lose them.

Massage Self Care Apparently, “desk butt” is the real deal and we see it all the time in our practice at Gelous Spa.  Muscular imbalances happen when you have been sitting at a desk for long periods of time. The hip flexors (front of thighs) and low back are just some of the muscles that are impacted on a daily basis.  Sitting all day long with no breaks isn’t good for anyone and we see clients with sore low backs and sore butts on a daily basis.  We decided to put together a few tips to help relieve your “desk butt” in between your visits with us:

Take a stand!  Time flies when you get stuck into your work day. Remind yourself (or set an alert on your computer) to stand up at least once per hour to stretch at your desk.  Better yet, get up and go for a quick walk.  Not only will it get your muscles working and your blood flowing it will help you regain your focus.

Drink up! The first people reach for when they feel tired is coffee or caffeinated drinks, especially late afternoon.  We know it can be easy to knock back the coffee and soda throughout the day, but instead of doing this reach for the water instead.  Your body will thank you for it!

Are you sitting properly? So many organizations now offer staff an ergonomic set up so take advantage of this and ask your supervisor if you can be evaluated to ensure your office chair fits you.  Even if you work from home, it is worth the investment to ensure you have a good desk set up.  You can’t put a price on your health.

Take a Break! This goes back to the first tip.  Value your body and mind and give yourself breaks throughout the day. Not only does doing this give yourself a break from “desk butt”, but you are giving yourself time to refill the energy tank and deal with stressful issues head on.

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