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Fight Anti-Aging with OxyGeneo

How OxyGeneo Combats Aging?

Seeing your skin losing its youthful glow and spark over time is one of the most heartbreaking things. Aging is an irreversible phase of life that everyone has to endure at some point. Aging makes the skin lose elasticity and fine lines can start to appear.

Everybody wants to have their skin appear youthful, and that is why many people across the world indulge in rigorous skincare routines to make their skin appear fresh, smooth, and flawless.

The results of regular facials can be short-lived as the skin starts to lose its glow after a few days. OxyGeneo can be an alternative option for rejuvenating, exfoliating, and hydrating your skin. OxyGeneo technology has become the talk of the town in the world of beauty regimes and has enticed everyone due to its innumerable skin benefits in just one session.

If you are based in Marda Loop, Altadore, Killarney or SW Calgary and want to get OxyGeneo to make your skin glow radiantly, then consider our OxyGeneo treatment offered at GelousSpa.

What is OxyGeneo?

OxyGeneo is a super facial technique that combines the effects of microdermabrasion and facial rejuvenation by infusing the essential nutrients and oxygen in the skin. OxyGeneo mimics the body's natural response to provide oxygen to the skin. OxyGeneo excellently combats aging and makes the skin appear healthy and smooth.

Why is OxyGeneo Beneficial for the Skin?

OxyGeneo combines exfoliation, infusion, and oxygenation to enhance the skin's appearance.. Lack of oxygen can make the skin appear dry, tight, and dull. Oxygenation improves blood circulation and provides necessary oxygen to the skin to make it look fresh and plump.

How does OxyGeneo Work?

OxyGeneo works in three phases: Exfoliate, Infuse and Oxygenate.

  • Exfoliate

The first step in OxyGeneo is to remove the dead skin from the skin's surface. The innovative OxyGeneo technology exfoliates the skin, similar to microdermabrasion. The upper layer is exfoliated, which makes it more receptacle to nutrients.

  • Infuse

After exfoliating the skin, OxyGeneo infuses the revitalizing nutrients and essential antioxidants into the skin to combat aging and make the skin appear fresh. This nourishes the skin deeply to improve skin tone and texture.

  • Oxygenate

OxyGeneo technology then produces carbon dioxide bubbles that trigger a physiological response on the skin's surface. The capillaries send oxygen-rich blood to the skin's surface, which improves circulation and skin metabolism. Oxygenation makes the skin appear healthy and also increases nutrient absorption.

How does OxyGeneo Oxygenate the Skin?

OxyGeneo mimics the Bohr Effect, which Christian Bohr introduced to the world in 1904. The Bohr Effect states that when carbon dioxide concentration on the skin increases, hemoglobin releases oxygen from within that oxygenates the skin and helps in reversing signs of aging. OxyGeneo creates carbon dioxide bubbles on the interaction of the capsule with treatment gel on the skin's surface. This, in turn, activates the Bohr Effect.

OxyGeneo Treatments

You can get the desired OxyGeneo treatment according to your skin's condition and issues. Your practitioner will observe your skin and recommend the most suitable one.

Five OxyGeneo treatments are carefully crafted after extensive research. The treatments involve using Oxypods that contain rejuvenating nutrients in a dormant state. These nutrients become active upon stimulation during the procedure. Oxypods do not have any additional chemicals, preservatives, or dyes. The five OxyGeneo treatments are:

1. Skin Hydration with Green Tea (Detox)

Skin detoxification with green tea helps to remove impurities from the skin and reduces irritation. Green tea detox also prevents premature aging.

2. Skin Hydration with Blue Spirulina (Hydrate)

If you have dehydrated or dull skin, then the Blue Spirulina hydration treatment is the most suitable for you. Blue Spirulina helps repair skin barrier, hydrate the skin, and reduce irritation to make the skin appear radiant.

3. Skin Brightening with Vitamin C and Kojic Acid (Illuminate)

If you have dark spots, then vitamin C and Kojic Acid work together to brighten the skin complexion. They also reduce pigmentation and lighten sun damage.

4. Skin Purification with Activated Bamboo Charcoal (Balance)

People with oily skin are the most suitable for this treatment. Bamboo Charcoal unclogs the pores, draws the bacteria and dirt to the skin surface, and reduces excess sebum.

5. Skin Rejuvenation with Red Algae (Revive)

Red Algae helps fight aging by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also increases skin elasticity and firmness. This treatment involves the ultrasound infusion of Argan oil, vanilla, Jojoba Oil, and horsetail extract.

Is OxyGeneo Suitable for all Skin Types?

The best aspect of OxyGeneo is that it is suitable for all skin types (sensitive, dry, combination, and oily), all ethnicities, and many different skin issues. OxyGeneo can be performed on people with sensitive skin issues such as a keloid (scar) that cannot have other abrasion treatments.

The ideal candidates for OxyGeneo are:

1. People aged 13 years and beyond.

2. People who are looking for a results driven facial before their wedding day.

3. Individuals wishing to look glamorous before their next big event or party.

4. Individuals with acne-prone, oily or dry skin.

5. Those whose skin is sensitive to peeling and abrasion.

6. People who want to incorporate oxygenation into their skincare routine look great.

7. People who are vegan and want a completely natural facial treatment.

Benefits of OxyGeneo

OxyGeneo has multiple benefits for the skin, such as:

1. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

2. Improves the skin tone and texture.

3. Combats aging and increases collagen production, making the skin appear youthful.

4. Restores skin volume.

5. Tightens the skin.

6. Skin hydration and skin lightening.

7. Reduces pigmentation and lightens the skin.

8. Soothes sensitive and inflamed skin.

OxyGeneo vs. Microdermabrasion vs HydraFacial

OxyGeneo and microdermabrasion are both effective facial procedures.

Microdermabrasion does not have any additional products. OxyGeneo not only exfoliates the skin but also infuses revitalizing nutrients into the skin. OxyGeneo can work on wet skin, making it a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for the client.

OxyGeneo does not involve vacuum technology, which is used in a Hydrafacial; therefore, is safer for the skin and will not cause bruising or damage to aging skin that can often be very delicate.

What Does OxyGeneo Feel Like?

People undergoing OxyGeneo describe the procedure as very relaxing and calming. Many clients doze off during the procedure and wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

How long does OxyGeneo take?

OxyGeneo treatment is anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. If you wish to include other facial treatments, then the duration may increase accordingly. We also include other steps beyond what is included in a regular OxyGeneo treatment to give an even greater results driven facial for our clients.

How Often Can You Receive OxyGeneo Treatment?

There is no limit on the times of OxyGeneo facials you can receive; it depends entirely on you. We recommend between 6-8 weeks for best results.

After an OxyGeneo treatment there is no down time after getting the treatment. You can return to work or home after undergoing the session.

When Will You Start Seeing the Results?

After just one session, you will notice a huge difference in your skin's appearance. The more sessions you receive, the more your skin will appear radiant. Follow us on Instagram to see our before and after pictures: GelousSpa_yyc


OxyGeneo is the most effective and innovative way to simultaneously combat many skin care issues, including aging while improving your skin’s health overall. Book an appointment with us at to get your OxyGeneo treatment and get beautiful, radiant skin in Calgary TODAY!



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