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Eminence Organic Skin Care – April News

New VitaSkin™ Targeted Treatments are now available!  Like most people in Calgary, you probably have that one flaw on your skin you want to tackle. Maybe it’s a single age spot on your cheek, deepening laugh lines or a sprinkle of blemishes across your chin.  Now, we have your solution for only $65.00.

The brand new VitaSkin™ Targeted Treatments have finally been released and in our Clear Skin, Firm Skin and Bright Skin lines. Take aim at your skin concerns with VitaSkin™ Targeted Treatments – potent botanical blends that control specific issues like uneven skin tone, visible signs of aging or problem skin. The treatments provide a concentrated dose of vitamin-rich organics for precise application that delivers dramatic results, right where you need it. With Calgary’s dry weather, we all could use more treatments like these.


FIRM SKIN TARGETED TREATMENT Quickly tighten skin and target the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Our Natural Retinol Alternative restores elasticity while snow algae extract and acai berry control the visible signs of aging. The look of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, revealing smoother, younger-looking skin.

BRIGHT SKIN TARGETED TREATMENT Banish uneven skin tone and reveal a complexion that looks brighter and more luminous. Powerful punarnava and turmeric even out skin tone while licorice root brightens the look of skin. Infused with Gigawhite™, our proprietary blend of alpine plants, this intensive treatment helps restore a natural luminous glow.

CLEAR SKIN TARGETED TREATMENT Tea tree oil and salicylic acid sourced from willow bark remove impurities and brighten the look of skin while buchu leaf extract shrinks pores. With this hyper-targeted treatment, you can control problem skin with fast and effective results.

WHY IS THERE NO CALM SKIN TARGETED TREATMENT? Sensitive skin is usually a concern which is general and not limited to a specific area. Your Calm Skin routine is best supported by continuing to hydrate with the ingredients in our Calm Skin Arnica Booster-Serum including chamomile, lavender, horse chestnut and rosehip.

Feel free to contact us here for any further questions you may have or if you would like us to call you and discuss more about the entire line of Eminence Organic Skin Car line directly. We can even set a time for you to come into our  South East Calgary spa in Auburn Bay and see the products yourself.

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