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Calgary Pedicures

Many places in Calgary offer pedicures at a very cheap price, but sometimes paying for a cheap pedicure at a discount place is not always a good idea. You can sometimes walk away with a lot more than what you thought you were paying for, including nail diseases and hepatitis from unsanitary tools that haven’t been cleaned and sterilized correctly.

If done properly, a pedicure can be an excellent way of keeping your feet looking and feeling great.  A pedicure cleans the feet, provides nail care and often includes a delightful foot and leg massage.  For people who have foot issues, a pedicure can also be very therapeutic.

When Gelous Spa was opened in Auburn Bay, Calgary we knew we wanted to give our clients the best experience ever.  Instead of rushing clients in and out of the door like some of the discount places in Southeast Calgary, our goal was to include so much more.

At Gelous Spa, as well as the usual callous removal and cuticle work, you also receive a relaxing exfoliating scrub, followed by a soothing mask with hot towels and afterwards a blissful reflexology massage on the legs and feet.  We also include colour gel toes, which last much longer than a regular polish. Goodbye chipping, hello long lasting colour. Gelous Spa offers the best pedicure in Calgary for price and quality.

We hold ourselves with a very high standard of quality for pedicures and other spa services.

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