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Calgary Massage – My Own Experience

I can’t remember when I went for my first massage in Southeast Calgary, but I can remember one in particular that sticks in my mind.  It was at a place in Calgary, Alberta and it wasn’t the calming, relaxing massage I was hoping for. Instead of feeling relaxed when I left my massage, I felt bruised and sore.

I didn’t realize that there were different kinds of massage, but I quickly learned that when I needed to improve my sense of well-being and overall wellness I was to ask for a Relaxation Massage, versus a Therapeutic Massage.

When I became a Registered Massage Therapist and opened up my home based spa and massage studio in Auburn Bay, Calgary, I knew I wanted to be the kind of massage therapist who would get the knots out, but wouldn’t leave my clients walking out in agony. So I had to be sure that our clients were going to finish up with what they had intended to get. My clients have reported that my massages are the most relaxing they have ever experienced.  They love that I am still able to get the knots out of their problem areas and still leave them relaxed.

Having our Spa and Massage studio close to Deerfoot Trail South, makes getting here and back home quicker than you would think!

However, some clients choose a therapeutic massage when they want me or my associates to focus on a specific area or problem. Our clients have been amazed that we have picked up on past injuries through massage.  Our clients also appreciate that we include hot stones and hot towels during all my treatments at no extra cost.

In Calgary, not many Spas/Massage Studios offer such a service and great value for money. We also offer regular specials and sometimes we offer free massages during prize giveaways.

Massage is so much more than just text book stuff and is so much more than “just a routine”.  To us, it’s about feeling a connection to the muscle to heal the body when working on clients.  I enjoy being a Registered Massage Therapist in Calgary and running my home based spa & massage studio in Auburn Bay. Helena Z., RMT, Owner/Operator of Gelous Spa in Calgary.

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