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Are You “Manly” enough for a Men’s Pedicure in Calgary?

C’mon Calgary Cowboy, get them boots shined up!

We often hear how much men love to get pedicures, but don’t feel comfortable in big, busy spas.

One of our clients recently told us how her husband went to get a pedicure in Calgary with her and said how uncomfortable the staff made him feel as they performed the pedicure on him. He said that he would much rather have more of a one on one service, as he had multiple people working on his service and he didn’t feel comfortable. Not to mention that he was having translation issues with some of their staff as many of them could not explain clear enough what they were asking of him. Something that’s meant to be comfortable and pampering shouldn’t feel awkward and make you simply want to get out of a spa as soon as possible/

At Gelous Spa Calgary, we believe everybody has the right to enjoy spa services, including MEN (after all, they have feet too!).  We  are now offering a men’s pedicure in our South Calgary Spa!

Treat the special man in your life with a men’s pedicure for Fathers Day, birthday or just to simply make his day. We all have busy schedules, especially those who live close to Auburn Bay in Southeast Calgary, so why not book some time off with your loved one and get two pedicures done at the same time and enjoy some time for yourselves.

Gift certificates for our South Calgary Spa are available online to purchase immediately so if you need a last minute gift idea, why not download a gift certificate or gift card right now! It only takes a few minutes and super easy to use the online booking system for our spa.

We look forward to pampering you and your feet and having you enjoy a pleasant, relaxed environment.

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