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Are “Body Rubbers” actually Massage Practitioners?

There’s been a lot of new talks at the City of Calgary about putting new bylaws into place to protect the public and small business that offer massage by massage therapists and the massage spas they work with and also putting the pinch on illegal erotic massage parlors, that we can all do without!

“Body Rubbers” are former massage therapists who have 250 hours or less of training and do not belong to an association such as NHPC (National Health Practitioners of Canada) or MTAA (Massage Therapists Association of Alberta).

This means anyone who is looking for a massage in Calgary, and finds someone offering massage services, then that individual who is practicing without belonging to an association, may not have sufficient insurance or experience to be treating you or the ones that you buy massage gift cards for, if they offer them at their spa, or home based massage studio.

Basically, the City of Calgary would like to ensure the public is being protected by reclassifying Massage Therapists into two categories being, “Body Rub Workers” or “Massage Practitioners”. So again, if they have the required hours of massage training and belong to a massage association then they are indeed Massage Practitioners, if not, then they are Body Rub Workers.

Did you know that a Body Rub Worker’s license, is the same license that professional escorts and exotic dancers have to obtain in order to comply with the City of Calgary.  You will not be impacted by this if you book with us, as our Massage Therapists have sufficient training and belong to an association and are indeed called “Massage Practitioners”.

A recent City of Calgary report, says that almost 85% of massage operators are fully licensed by the recognized associations, but the rest are either operating illegally or non-compliant of the city’s rules. Those found breaking the rules can face fines up to $3,000. So make sure you’re asking the right questions, when booking a massage.

Rest assured, that at Gelous Spa in Auburn Bay, we strive to give you the safest, and best massages in Calgary.

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