Our Policy

Gelous Spa Mission Statement:
Service is the lifeblood of our spa.
Everything flows from it and is nourished by it.
Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude.

We do not consider ourselves to be in the beauty industry.
We believe that we are in the “Confidence Industry”.
If you look good, you will feel good.
If you feel good, you will look good.

Online Booking Confirmation
If you do not receive a confirmation email, we may not have received your booking so please ensure you complete this step and receive a confirmation email from the automated system!

Service Reservations:
Spa appointment times can sometimes book up weeks in advance, so we encourage clients to reserve service times early to ensure future booking times are available.  With our online booking system, its never been easier to book your spa service.

No Children Please:
To maintain a relaxing and safe treatment at Gelous Spa, children under 6 are not permitted. There are many devices, such as hot towel warmers for pedicures and massages, nail machines and other equipment in our spa that if used improperly, could cause unintentional harm.  Newborns and nursing babies are welcome to be with their moms but may result in a modified service if there are too many interruptions.

Cancellation Policy:
Your courtesy is appreciated.

If you are unable to honour your reservation for any reason, please log into your online account where you booked your appointment to cancel your booking or call us at 403-617-2512 and leave a message if nobody answers your call.Please understand that our therapists are only paid when they deliver your service and we often turn away other clients to hold your reservation.  Any cancellations with less than 12 hours notice may result in 50% of the service fee being charged and no show appointments will be charged 100% of the service fee.  We now request a credit card to hold your reservation, which will be charged if our cancellation policy is not adhered to.  We are not able to view this card number as it is held by a secure third party in our online booking system as is confidential.

If a service professional is unavailable for your service due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, we will contact you as soon as possible using the contact information you provided us upon booking your appointment, so please use email addresses that you check frequently and provide cell numbers, not home or work numbers if possible.

Late Policy:
Please arrive on time. If you are running late Gelous Spa may need to modify your service in order to stay on the daily schedule. Please also be advised that Google Maps, Apple Maps & GPS Systems may NOT WORK, as outlined in your confirmation email when you booked. If you are lost and only have Google Maps, Apple Maps or GPS, try and search for “Auburn Bay Avenue SE” only, no house number.

No Refunds on Nail Services:
We only see your nails a few hours a month, the rest of the time they are your responsibility. Please make sure you use cuticle oil daily as it will keep your cuticles and nails nourished and will prevent hangnails. Although Gelous Spa does not offer refunds on any services, if you encounter any problems with your nails, they will be fixed for free if you let us know within 24 hours of your visit. Any product must remain on your nails in order for the staff at Gelous Spa to evaluate any issues. Intentionally removing product before our staff is able to evaluate the service will result in paying in full for the re-do or fix.

If you have any other concerns with a service, we advise you to be open and communicate with your Therapist at the time of treatment. If you have a concern after your service, please call or email us with the concern. If we don’t know, we can’t try and find a solution. We are here for you and always strive to make you happy as we strive to be the best spa in Southeast Calgary!

Power Outages
In the event of a power outage in our spa located in the South East Calgary Community of Auburn Bay, appointments may be cancelled and rescheduled on very short notice as neighborhood power outages are not in our control. If there is a power outage during your esthetic spa service that requires power, we will wait as long as you would like until power returns. If you are unable to stay to complete your service, you will be able to come back at the next available time that present day to complete your esthetic service. If there is a power outage during your massage treatment, the treatment will continue while the power is not available as long as the safety of our clients is met. Our experience with power outages are that they usually only last less than 15 minutes. No refunds are issued during power outages.

Privacy of Content and Personal Information
We, at Gelous Spa take privacy very seriously. All personal client information is held in high regard and is protected by our safe and secure online booking system.

If you have any questions on any of our Gel Nail, Pedicure, Manicure or Massage and spa policies, please contact us. We are always here to help and find a solution.

Online Booking Confirmation
Again, if you do not receive a confirmation email, we may not have received your booking so please ensure you complete this step and receive a confirmation email from the automated system!

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