March 2013 Special – 25% Off Bio-Sculpture Fills

Ever wanted to try Bio-Sculpture Nail Gel but didn’t ever have the chance, thought it was a bit out of your price range or didn’t know anyone in Calgary or South East Calgary that does Bio Sculpture? Well now is your chance!

Book any New Full Set (not removal and switch-over from another nail system) and receive 25% off your next fill booking with Bio Sculpture!

Many women swear by Bio-Sculpture in Calgary because it’s the best, most healthy option for your nails. Also, endorsed by many celebrities such as David Beckhams wife, Victoria Beckham (aka: Posh Spice!), Jennifer Lopez and Danni Minogue.

Book a Bio Sculpture New Set in the Month of March, 2013 and we’ll make sure you receive the 25% off your next fill appointment, during your initial consultation!

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